Blue is Best - When it comes to air, water and mold defense — Don’t Compromise! Choose BEP Blue Barrier for maximum protection and peace of mind.


Substantial benefits of Blue Barrier

  • Single Stage Application
  • Dry or Wet Installation
  • No primers / No Mixing
  • Eco-friendly, Proprietary Formula
  • Spread, Brush, Gun, Roll or Spray
  • Fully Compatible System

BEP Blue Barrier is a family of products designed to protect ALL structural locations that are vulnerable to unwanted air, moisture, and mold intrusion, including windows and doors, as well as structural penetration areas like transitions, joints, seams, and claddings.

Blue Barrier is formulated on proprietary modified STPE technology. The products cure and bond on wet substrates, as well as on vertical waterproofing applications.

Blue Barrier's efficient and superior single-stage application provides the most effective air, water, and mold defense on the market.

An all-purpose, liquid applied flashing used in construction applications to bridge dissimilar materials and to create weather resistant, fully adhered pan membranes in window and door installations.

A gun applied structural adhesive and detail sealant used to fill voids and seams and to bond dissimilar construction materials.

A spray applied, fully adhered, permeable, air and moisture building envelope protection membrane. This thin mil, seamless substrate coating can be applied with an approved airless sprayer.

A roller applied, liquid membrane for flashing applications, bridging dissimilar materials, creating seamless pan membranes in window & door installations and for vertical wall substrate moisture protective coatings.